Pringle's Mr P shaves off his moustache
Mr P Shaves DownImage by: Pringles x Movember
Pringle's Mr P shaves off his moustache
1 November 2022

Mr P. Shaved Down for Men’s Mental Health

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Pringles are back for the third year in the UK and Mr. P. has got involved again to get people talking about their mental health.

Movember are proud to be partnering with Pringles for a third year here in the UK. Together, we have been working together to promote positive conversations. Earlier in the year, Pringles worked with their retail partners to share Movember Conversations across the country and now they’re encouraging you to visit the site to learn more about having those important chats with your mates.

Pringles and Movember are uniting through more than just iconic moustaches, we come together through a shared, authentic passion for starting meaningful conversations. So pop open a can and pop open a conversation.