Film poster for Kindling (2023)
Kindling Image by: Signature Entertainment
Film poster for Kindling (2023)
31 March 2023

Movember teams up with Signature Entertainment to present feature film 'Kindling'

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Movember has partnered with Signature Entertainment, presenting Kindling - in cinemas and digital platforms starting April 21, 2023. Kindling is a touching story that follows a group of young men who return to their hometown to celebrate their friend Sid's final summer together after he receives a devastating testicular cancer diagnosis.

Sid, played by George Somner of Sex Education, is determined to create a lasting legacy and be remembered long after he is gone. He assigns each of his friends a category - love, home, friends, family, and location - and asks them to find an item that connects them all with the word they've been given. As they come together to fulfil Sid's wishes, they also confront their own mortality and the importance of living in the moment.

Kindling is directed and written by Connor O'Hara, who is making his feature directorial debut. The film also features a talented cast, including Conrad Khan of County Lines, Wilson Mbomio of The Witcher, Mia McKenna-Bruce of Persuasion, and Tara Fitzgerald of Legend. The movie is produced by Jamie Gamache of Dear Future Children and Mark Foligno of The King's Speech.

Movember's partnership with Kindling is especially significant because we have been instrumental in the film's development from the beginning. O'Hara said, "Movember has been fundamental from start to finish in the lifespan of Kindling and it's a massive honour to be partnering with a charity I have so much personal alignment with on my debut feature."

Sarah Coghlan, Global Programs Director of Movember, said, "Testicular cancer is the #1 cancer among young men. The good news is that it is highly curable when caught early."

Coghlan added, "We are honoured to be involved in the release of the film, 'Kindling' - a poignant British celebration of friendship, which sheds light on the critical issues of testicular cancer and mental health."

Our home is that the film will raise awareness about the importance of men prioritising their health and seeking support when needed.

O'Hara hopes that Kindling will encourage men to take their health seriously. He said, "By including a scene in the film where the young men all check their testicles on screen, it is my hope that, being the mimics we all are, male audiences will check themselves along with our characters."

Movember encourages everyone to watch 'Kindling' and support their mission to help men live healthier and longer lives. The heartfelt story draws attention to the importance of men prioritising their health and seeking support when needed.

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