Which Mo Can You Grow?Image by: Pringles/Movember
23 February 2021

Movember Partnership Spotlight: Pringles

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Between September and November 2020, a collaborative fundraising, awareness, health promotion and marketing partnership between one the UK’s best-loved snack brands, Pringles and Movember was created to spark meaningful conversations about mental health amongst the British public.

Through several robust activations, the campaign’s aim was to demonstrate the value of meaningful conversations, to encourage the British public to talk when times are tough and to have a long-lasting effect on the power of connection.

The campaign was delivered through a variety of activations and delivered huge success for Pringles, with a 156% sales uplift vs the same time in 2019

  • Co-branded retail assets carrying the “Pop, Share, Chat” messaging to highlight the importance of having a meaningful conversation about mental health ran as an exclusive activation with Tesco from 7th-30th September, live in over 800 stores. The Content featured on

  • Pringles delivered a number of social campaigns culminating in their mascot, Mr. P. shaving his iconic moustache for the first time since 1967 and encouraging the Pringles audience to join him.

  • Pringles also enhanced the Mo experience for a number of Mo Bros and Mo Sisters by providing a number of prizes for top fundraisers.

65 men and women from across Kelloggs UK and Ireland, including the Area President for Europe, signed up as Movember fundraisers from across the wider Kellogg organisation. They held virtual events and sent weekly e-newsletters to keep everyone engaged and connected.

Long-term Kellogg’s employee, Andrew Birks was a dedicated Mo Bro in 2020 and said the following:

“I was delighted when I learned of the Pringles Movember campaign. It’s hard to express in words how the campaign brought together a group of people, many of whom had never even spoken previously, and the energy, shared passion and drive that it created. Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, and the impact that it was having on many, through mental health issues that group joined together in a way that I have rarely seen, to move towards a common objective. The camaraderie, support and encouragement within the group was incredible. Whilst the commercial work that was done with one of our biggest customers, Tesco, was undoubtedly a success, and can be measured in terms of sales, revenue and profit.I cannot help but feel that all who were involved would share similar views in saying that the commercial success was dwarfed by the unquantifiable outputs of that group. Who can put a value on supporting a colleague who is struggling with their mental health, or persuading someone to visit their GP for a prostatecancer check-up. I could not be more proud of everyone involved ; who are now my mo bro’s and sisters for life.”