Male patient and doctor sitting down in doctor surgery having a conversation and smiling
Movember supports PCUK's TRANSFORM trialImage by: Shutterstock
Male patient and doctor sitting down in doctor surgery having a conversation and smiling
1 May 2024

Movember backs £42m investment into Prostate Cancer screening trial

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£42 million TRANSFORM Prostate Cancer screening trial set to change the face of men’s health.

We’re investing £1.5 million into the initiative – with funds raised by the incredible Mo Community – and we’re proud to be part of the biggest screening trial in 20 years, which could reduce deaths from Prostate Cancer by 40%.

On average 12,000 men die at the hands of the disease, with more than 52,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer every year in the UK.

The pivotal trial led by PCUK and supported by Movember, NIHR, the NHS, and UK government will see methods of screening men for prostate cancer trialled that will aim to save thousands of lives in the UK through earlier diagnosis, as well as helping men avoid harm from potentially unnecessary biopsies and treatment.

Dr Karen Robb, Movember’s Director of Cancer Program Implementation, said:

"Movember are delighted to be supporting this important new prostate cancer screening trial, with potential to improve outcomes for men in the UK and globally.

Screening is a topic we are often asked about by our Movember community and this study will be able to tell us who will benefit most from screening, and also what the optimal strategies for screening are.

Too often, screening guidelines are a ‘one size fits all’ approach. The size and scale of this study will enable us to bring screening to communities that are traditionally under-served, particularly those with significantly higher risk."

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