2 boys walking together outside
UK Youtubers help normalise feeling vulnerable within Gen-ZImage by: Movember
2 boys walking together outside
31 October 2023

Movember and Gillette join forces with UK Youtubers to help normalise feeling vulnerable within Gen-Z

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Movember is extending its initiative focused on encouraging men aged 15 –24 to feel comfortable about opening up about their feelings as part of a 10+ year-long partnership with Gillette.

The content, developed in partnership with leading YouTubers, is designed to help give information and tools to young men to not feel scared and to help normalise opening up to friends or family when feeling particularly vulnerable.

To help drive mass awareness across social platforms prominent with Gen-Z, Movember has enlisted the help of Romell and J_Tekkz to generate captivating, informative content.

" men aren’t expressing how they feel to their friends, leading to a build-up of emotions that are hard to manage alone in the short term "

The campaign aims to help increase the number of young men aged between 15-24 – especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds – to have open conversations with friends and family members. It's hoped that the content will reach over 23 million active subscribers on YouTube.

Movember and Gillette ambitions

In the UK, Movember has partnered with Gillette for more than 10 years supporting Movember's focus on youth mental health by promoting positive health literacy and Gillette’s ambition to ensure all boys grow up benefitting from positive role models. Through Gillette’s support to fund the project, Movember hopes to continue to change the face of men’s health, encouraging more open conversations within younger communities.

What it means to be a man

With the changing landscape for men in mind, in 2020 Movember set out to investigate men’s experiences and uncover how culture, society and masculinity are influencing mental health. Movember found that these young men would always help a mate in need, but when they themselves feel overwhelmed, or in need of support, they are not reaching out due to fear or rejection.

The research revealed how young men are at an age of change and new independence – school, work, family, and romantic relationships can all be unstable whilst they are trying to work out who they are in a world that is continually re-defining what it means to be a man. When it comes to managing their emotions, men aren’t expressing how they feel to their friends, leading to a build-up of emotions that are hard to manage alone in the short term, and a practiced behaviour of stoicism which risks their mental health in the long term.

The stats say it all

First launched in 2021 the content is co-designed by the YouTube creators alongside Movember, with YouTubers across the UK driving to make a positive change with young men after watching the videos.

Nearly one in 10 (9%) of 16–25-year olds’ knowledge increased when asked if it was important for someone to have a conversation with friends if they were worried about something.

An uplift in attitudes by 7% within young men who strongly agreed that ‘talking to my friends’ was deemed an important thing to do.

On the topic of intention and action, we saw a 9% increase in young men actively opting to speak to a friend if they had not previously had a conversation with friends.

The initiative, funded by Gillette, this year has expanded beyond the UK to over six countries across Europe, including Spain, Sweden, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

They say...

Callum Wood, Gillette Brand Director said:

We’re so proud of our continued partnership with Movember, working to change the face of men’s health. Every November, as guys pick up their razors to shave and style their Mo’s it gives us the opportunity to work with Movember to create more open conversations around men’s health – whether you’re growing a Mo yourself, or you’ll be nominating a Bro to grow one for you. Gillette and Movember have been working together for more than a decade, and this year we’re delighted to fund this important campaign to empower young guys to talk more freely about their mental health.”

YouTube influencer, J_Tekkz said:

It’s never been more important for young men to feel comfortable and understand the importance of being able to open up amongst family and friends. Working closely with Movember, we’ve created brilliant content that will specifically speak to that audience and aim to encourage and empower the younger generation of today to understand that it’s okay to feel like this and the power of speaking does help”.

YouTube influencer Romell said:

“It’s a real honour to be working with Movember again on this ongoing project with Gillette’s support - two brands that are strongly involved within men’s mental health in terms of feeling good and looking good. This type of content got me out of my comfort zone and I hope this encourages my audience to have a conversation with a friend."

Anne-Cécile Berthier, Movember UK & EUCountry Director, said:

As the leading charity aimed at changing the face of men’s mental health, Movember exists to help men live healthier and longer lives. By targeting men while they’re younger, we can help them embrace adulthood with a positive, happier outlook. With the funding from Gillette we hope to reach even more people and raise awareness of male mental health and the benefits of opening up with others.”