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2 firefighters in uniform smiling at camera
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3 May 2023

Movember Ambassadors: We want you

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We’re looking for some amazing supporters to step up and become Movember Ambassadors.

Are you passionate about men’s health? Do you want to help make a difference? Could you represent the Mo in your workplace, at your university, at a sports club, or in your local community? Then this is the role for you!

We’re bringing together Mo Supporters across the UK, to go the distance for our cause and to make a difference in their communities. We provide you with all the training, tools and support you’ll need to fulfil the role - all with our main flavour of fun attached.

Our Ambassadors achieve great things every year in service to the Mo, and this year that could be you.

Which one do you want to be?

Apply here to become a Student Ambassador (by 1st July)

Apply here to become a Community Ambassador (by 4th July)

Apply here to become a Sports Ambassador (by 21st July)

Apply here to become a Workplace Ambassador (by 11th August)

Read on for more information about each role...

Become a Student Ambassador

Students step right up – Movember is looking for Student Ambassadors to lead the charge on campus for Movember 2023.

As a Student Ambassador, you’ll lead your university in Movember’s nation-wide fundraising challenge. Competing for glory against over 100 unis, you will:

  • Rally sign-ups among students from all areas of your uni
  • Inspire students to fundraise for Movember, offering support, ideas and motivation throughout the month
  • Host fun and engaging events
  • Create a powerful sense of community across campus

It’s a perfect opportunity to gain key project management experience and organisational skills, all while spreading life-saving awareness of the key health issues facing men today. You will receive full training and support from Mo HQ, as well as the opportunity to apply for an exclusive internship in Summer 2024.

Training in London will be held on 1st/2nd September 2023.

Sign up here by 1st July 2023.

Got questions or need more info? Get in touch: polly@movember.com

Become a Community Ambassador

Community Ambassadors are outstanding Movember supporters who play a massive role in helping raise awareness and funds for men’s health in their local community. As well as their own fundraising efforts, Community Ambassadors are involved in everything from speaking to media, to motivating others to fundraise themselves. The Community Ambassador role is a voluntary, year-round position, with the majority of action taking place during our campaign period (September to December). We will give you all the necessary training and guidance, and then let you take the lead in your community. An outstanding Community Ambassador is confident in the below areas:

  • Fundraise for Movember by either Grow, Move, Host or Mo Your Own way. You will involve your family/friends/workplace, and aim to raise £1000+ during the course of the campaign.
  • Be available and willing to represent Movember and share your story to media, community and corporate audiences.
  • Host fundraising/awareness events within your community.
  • Engage community groups to start a team and fundraise this Movember.
  • Volunteer at Movember events, &/or pursue opportunities to represent at events in your community.

Training in London will be held on 1st/2nd September 2023.

Sign up here by 4th July 2023.

Got questions or need more info? Get in touch: stephanie.plowman@movember.com

Become a Sports Ambassador

The Movember Sports Ambassador Programme empowers supporters at any sporting organisation to inspire their community to raise funds and awareness. You will set yourself targets and goals, guided by your dedicated Movember representative. The focus will be on the Movember campaign, rolling out from September until Christmas. There are also opportunities to raise funds and awareness year-round, but this is not mandatory.

This role would suit any keen Movember supporter at a club, whether they are a captain, secretary, coach, regular player, or super fan. We also accept those in the health and fitness community, such as personal trainers or gym enthusiasts. The Sports Ambassador will not only look to turn their club and community into a hub for Movember-related activities, Sports Ambassadors are also be responsible for garnering support in the clubs, leagues, competitions or governing bodies they are involved in.

Training in London will be held on 1st/2nd September 2023.

Sign up here by 23rd July 2023.

Got questions or need more info? Get in touch: oswin@movember.com or call 0207 952 2060

Become a Workplace Ambassador

Workplace Ambassadors are legendary supporters who play a massive role in raising vital awareness and funds for men’s health in their workplace. As an ambassador you’ll:

  • Be a positive role model and ambassador for men’s health in your workplace.
  • Be an engaging source of men’s health info for your colleagues and those around you.
  • Recruit a committee of colleagues and senior team members to take part in Movember.
  • Have a team that aims to raise 1,000+ GBP/EUR for men’s health.
  • Organise and host fundraising events throughout Movember.
  • Giving men’s health talks in your workplace.

Join us for a jam-packed online training session on Wednesday 6 September (9.30am -12.30pm BST) and gain a deeper insight into our cause areas and programmatic work. You’ll connect with a global network of passionate corporate Mo’s and gain vital skills for: Leadership, fundraising & campaign planning, event management, marketing and health promotion.

Sign up here by 11th August 2023.

Got questions or need more info? Get in touch: businessmos@movember.com