2 men cycling
Brandon's cycleImage by: Veteranophotography.com
2 men cycling
Man taking on workout challenge
Group of men out walking
5 November 2021

Mo Your Own Way: Community Spotlight

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Mo Your Own Way is a choose-your- own-adventure challenge epic in scope and scale. Ride the distance from London to Leeds. Tackle an epic workout challenge with mates. Slog out a rowing machine marathon.

Here are some of the ways our community have been Mo’ing their own way this month:

Brandon's Everesting challenge

Brandon took on Jebel Jais, the UAE’s highest peak, to raise awareness for Movember and men’s health. Overall, Brandon battled through temperatures of up to 34 degrees Celsius to climb 1,934 metres of elevation over 7 Summits of the mountain. In the end he hit his target of 8,849m of elevation in total.

“It was one hell of a challenge, and one hell of a ride to raise awareness. I’m doing it for the people who cannot, to shed light on the causes Movember supports. My family have been affected by mental health issues and prostate cancer, these are really important to me, and subjects we don’t talk about enough. Going through the pain and suffering, the mental battle to get up and down that mountain 7 times was extraordinary, but I can’t imagine what it is like for those going through the pain of mental health issues and prostate cancer. It’s my way of bringing that suffering to the fore, and I hope I can inspire others to support each other, and go see a health care professional when something is wrong. I needed help and support to get up my mountain, but I chose to climb it. Others are not so fortunate.”

James' 24 hour workout

James took on a 24 hour workout for Movember. He did 7,960 Reps, one rep for every man lost to suicide. James has raised over £1,700 and counting!

James struggled with his own mental health which led him to his challenge. His advice to other men is this:

“For those men who are suffering right now. Accept it. Being in denial that you are suffering will only (in my experience) delay and prolong the healing process. There are so many people around you who care and love you that will help you through anything. Reach out to them, talk to them. A true friend will listen and react to help you through what you’re going through.”

Support James on his Mo Space.

Callum's Yorkshire walk

In callum's own words: “I am going bigger for all those that still struggle with mental health. I will challenge myself physically and mentally by walking from Scarborough to Blackpool through a 252km route. This is in memory of all I've lost to suicide, and show that you can overcome adversity and struggles as did I.”

Support Callum on his Space.

Didun's 30 calls in 30 days

Last Movember Didun ran 94 miles in Swedish blizzards for the men we lose to suicide. This year Didun plans to hold 30 calls in 30 days with his network to talk all things Movember and men’s health.

“This Movember along with shaving my glorious beard for a moustache, I will be focusing on having 13 hours of conversations throughout the month. 13 hours is 26 minutes a day jsut to check-in, which when done in time can be life-saving. Growing a moustache is a way to get conversations going about mental health and other men's health issues, but keeping those conversations going to really dig in to find out how one is can be tough.”

Support Didun on his Mo Space.

Whether it’s a gruelling test of physical endurance or some other wildcard idea. Whether it’s a day, over several weeks or across the year – take whatever Mo Your Own Way means to you and run with it.

You can still sign up to Mo Your Own Way here.