Aldwyn with his dad and brother smiling for camera showing off their moustaches
Aldwyn with his dad and bro sporting their Mo'sImage by: Aldwyn Boscawen
Aldwyn with his dad and brother smiling for camera showing off their moustaches
4 May 2023

10-year Mo Bro Aldwyn shares his mental fitness journey

Aldwyn Boscawen
Aldwyn Boscawen
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Why do I Mo?

As a 10-year+ Mo Bro it’s hard to imagine not Mo-ing. It’s so much more than the one month of November – it’s the community that is brought together by the team at Movember and the work that is done using the proceeds. I couldn’t imagine not being part of it each year.

Tuning into my mental health

My own relationship with my mental health, or ‘mental fitness’ has dated back to when I was at school. My first meeting with a councillor happened when I was 16. I cannot remember much about that time, but I know that for a number of reasons I was not happy. Since then, I have no shame in saying I have been in and out of therapy. I am acutely aware that this fortune is something that few people are encouraged to do, or have access to. The numbers of people of all ages who don’t have the encouragement or the access to support that I’ve had is a thought that sits heavily with me. I am able to write this article now because I am lucky, not because I deserve to be. One of my primary reasons to Mo every year is to make sure that we are encouraging men to talk, to seek help and to make help more accessible worldwide.

Joining the Mo movement

I became aware of Movember when I was at school, but my first Movember was at university. At the beginning, I certainly didn’t have the minerals to grow the Mo without the rest of the beard. But as I went through university, it began to grow at sufficient length to take pride of place on my top lip without its entourage on my cheeks. Each year we tried to raise small amounts of money, but as poor students, we maintained that awareness was the aim of the game.

" my primary reasons to Mo every year is to make sure that we are encouraging men to talk "

The Bosc Mo Men

Over the years I built several Movember teams, but there is one that stands out to me the most – The Bosc Mo Men. In 2018, my father (who was diagnosed with prostate cancer), joined me in growing a Mo, as did my brother. At this stage he was bed-bound. My father sadly passed away a month later. I will forever Mo in his honour.

Aldwyn & Sons

In 2018, I launched my first business – a men’s nail bar with one chair, in the back of a barbershop in Central London. Over the next 16 months we purveyed the best men’s nail treatments in London until the pandemic of 2020 closed our doors. If there is one thing I learned from this experience, it is that men can talk and men want to talk. It is about giving them the ability to – whether that is through confidence, or environment of encouragement. It remains a mission of mine with my current business Morale App, to facilitate human connection and use this to improve mental fitness and consequently pro-actively mitigate as much of depression and anxiety that we can.

How I Mo

From 10 years+ of growing a moustache and being someone who is fully bearded the remainder of the year, the scariest part for me is going naked on October 31st. Over the last few years, I have added in physical challenges to increase the stakes for my fundraising efforts. I have tackled running 10kms, half marathons, 100kms in the month and learning a strict pull-up. I have also thrown in sobriety which is now a permanent feature (15 months strong). I have debated dance-based challenges and 30 days of the hero workout – ‘Murph’ and am always on the lookout for challenges to join. Getting into physical challenges brings an enormous sense of giving and Movember will probably be the only way I would get encouraged to do this!

Movember Hall of Fame

I was kindly invited to the Movember Hall of Fame event in London. I can only expect that anyone reading this finds turning up to events alone where you know nobody rather daunting. It was, but having listened to the words of the Movember Team, and the stories of some of my fellow Mo Bros, I could not help but feel totally inspired. The lengths that people go to may be small on a grand scale, but each person in that room who had been raising funds and awareness for Movember was an inspiration with their dedication to helping Movember do the work they do.

Movember 2023

As I look forward to Movember this year, nursing a slight back problem, I am thinking how I can go beyond what I have done before. How can I make a difference this year? I will keep you all updated but all suggestions are welcome!

Starting conversations with men who are struggling may seem daunting. But getting them to open up can be easier with practice. Use our tool Movember Conversations for support.

If you, or someone you know, is feeling low, don’t hesitate to reach out for support using these local support resources.

To speak with someone immediately, call The Samaritans on 116 123 or message the Shout text line on 85258.

If you’re ever worried that someone’s life is in immediate danger, call 999 or go directly to emergency services.