Three lamborghini cars with moustache decals
SIlverstone Lamborghini Bull Run 2022Image by: Movember
Three lamborghini cars with moustache decals
29 November 2022

They came, they roared, they conquered

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Perhaps it’s old memories of Graham Hill’s facial fuzz, or maybe it’s more recent recollections of Nigel Mansell’s magnificent moustache, but here at Movember, we feel to have an innate link with Silverstone - the home of British motor racing - so imagine our excitement when we saw a couple of hundred Italian super-sportscars parading around the iconic Silverstone racetrack, all in the name of men’s health. It’s not every day that you’re lucky enough to hear the guttural roar of a Lamborghini, so the mouth-watering prospect of spending a day at Silverstone, surrounded by Movember supporters, was a fitting end to another month of amazing activity from our friends at Lamborghini. In addition to iconic Bull Run events taking place around the globe, this year’s online fundraising auction has seen Movember supporters, and fans of Lamborghini, win genuine money-can’t-buy prizes, and help to change the face of men’s health in the process. Saturday 26th November’s exploits at Silverstone really were one of the highlights of the Movember campaign. Not only did we see one of the biggest gatherings of Lamborghinis ever seen in the UK, but the event brought men together, stood around their cars, kicking the tyres and talking men’s health. It can sometimes take something special to get guys to open up, and Saturday’s event was just that.