Movember x KP NutsImage by: Movember x KP Nuts
5 November 2020

KP Nuts are back with a bang, and a laugh

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KP Nuts are back to support Movember, and to start important conversations with the help of a few nut jokes.

We all like a good joke, especially one about nuts, but do you know those rib-ticklers can also be a great tool to help us start vital, but sometimes awkward, conversations about testicular cancer? To help us broaden our repertoire of legume-laughs, the salted heroes at KP Nuts are spreading nut jokes across the land this Movember, encouraging us all to start a conversation with a mate, and to have a check our own nuts this Movember (every month or so).

What’s more, KP have been supported by actor and TV personality, Will Mellor, to help crack a few funnies, and to get guys everywhere talking about their nuts.

" check your nuts so you get to know what’s normal for you "

Will said, “testicular cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer amongst young men, but if caught early, there’s more than a 95% chance of survival. That’s why it’s so important to regularly check your nuts so you get to know what’s normal for you, and if something changes, head to the doctor”.

Watch the video above to learn more about testicular cancer, and to see Will crack a few more jokes.