Pop Share Chat with Pringles' Mr P and Movebmer
Pop, Share, ChatImage by: Movember x Pringles
Pop Share Chat with Pringles' Mr P and Movebmer
26 October 2021

It’s time to ‘Pop, Share, Chat’ with Pringles

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Pringles is partnering with Movember again to encourage open conversations around mental health.

The snacking brand will support Movember for the second year donating a minimum of £75,000 to support the charity and to get men talking.

Pringles has announced it is supporting leading men’s health charity Movember for the second time in the UK. Together, Pringles and Movember are aiming to drive more open conversations around mental health and encourage people to ‘Pop, Share, Chat’.

For its partnership in the UK last year, Pringles’ mascot Mr. P shaved down his moustache for the first time since his launch in 1968. Pringles revealed his new makeover across social media pages including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and he also joined a host of other well-known faces who grew a Mo to support the charity throughout November. This year, the brand kicked off the partnership with an exclusive in-store activation in Tesco where consumers could buy a 200g can of Pringles and send a 40g can to a mate to start a conversation. Pringles also has a host of exciting plans throughout November to encourage everyone to get involved with the charity.

With the Pringles brand ethos centring around socialising, sharing and coming together and Movember’s work to drive more open conversations around mental health, the brand and charity have partnered over the shared goal of getting people talking. The ‘Pop, Share, Chat’ creative encompasses the fun of the Pringles brand, whilst encouraging open and honest conversations on mental health.