Man doing a slam dunk.
Sports Ambassador applications open now.Image by: Movember
Man doing a slam dunk.
16 May 2021

Applications now open for Movember Sports Ambassador 2021

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Movember is seeking new Community Sports Ambassador for Movember 2021-2022. This is a volunteer role empowering you, a passionate Mo Bro or Mo Sister, to go the distance for our cause, to make a difference in your community.   We want applicants from all sports, backgrounds and cultures.   Full details of the role can be found below, and if you would like to apply, please fill out this form.

The Role  

The Movember Sports Ambassador Programme empowers Mo Bros & Mo Sisters at any sporting organisation to inspire their community to raise funds and awareness. You will set yourself targets and goals, guided by your dedicated Movember representative. The focus will be on the Movember campaign rolling out from September until Christmas, but there are opportunities to raise funds and awareness year round, but this is not mandatory.   This role would suit any keen Movember supporter at a club, whether they are a captain, secretary, coach, a regular player or super fan. We also accept those in the health and fitness community, such as personal trainers or gym enthusiasts. The Sports Ambassador will not only look to turn their club and community into a hub for Movember related activities. Sports Ambassadors will also be responsible for garnering support in the clubs, leagues, competitions or governing bodies they are involved in.


  • Spreading awareness of men’s health issues at your club and in the local community
  • Driving fundraising at your club and beyond getting team mates to Grow, Host, Move & Mo Their Own Way
  • Organising and hosting fundraising events
  • Recruiting friends, family, local businesses, workplaces to take part in Movember
  • Being a positive role model and ambassador for men’s health
  • Recruiting associated sports organisations to raise funds and awareness for men’s health


  • Organisational skills
  • Confidence
  • Enthusiasm for Movember
  • Interest in men’s health
  • Great communication
  • Positive attitude

Skills you will gain

  • Fundraising training is provided
  • Events organisation and hosting
  • Confidence
  • Leadership and Management

What you will receive?   We provide online training to all ambassadors through e-learning, as well as fundraising materials and toolkits to help you lead a successful campaign. There will also be group Zoom sessions to discuss your plans and ideas, followed by a one-to-one call with your Movember representative.   This Movember staff member is dedicated to supporting ambassadors throughout their journey and committed to providing them with advice, techniques, tools and materials to ensure they can fulfil their role as an ambassador. This will include:

  • Regular support from the Movember team
  • Ambassador Facebook group
  • Early access to and inclusion in Movember activations
  • Movember merchandise


Deadline for applications: 23rd July.

Training Sessions: 3 time slots will be provided for late August to allow you to attend at least each one and meet your fellow ambassadors.

The ambassador role runs year round, with the bulk of your involvement being from September to December. Like all of our dedicated Mo fundraisers, this is a voluntary position. 

Your mental health is paramount to us, and if you ever feel that the additional responsibilities are becoming a burden, Movember encourages ambassadors to take a break and ensure they are mentally well.   For further information email or call 0207 952 2060