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4 November 2022


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On Saturday 5th November 2022, The Rugby League World Cup 2021 is encouraging fans to take a stand against silence as part of a new campaign to support the conversation around mental health and the stigma associated with getting help.

Driven by the world’s largest men’s health organisation, Movember, A Moment Against Silence aims to normalise the act of reaching out to others who may be going through tough times.

Fans attending the Movember Mental Fitness Match of the Rugby League World Cup, this Saturday 5th November can play their part during a special Moment Against Silence just before the kick-off of the men’s match at 2:30pm at the DW Stadium Wigan, where they’ll be urged to make as much noise as possible.

Among those taking part in the Moment Against Silence will be The Princess of Wales, who is attending the match in her role as Patron of the Rugby Football League.

" A Moment Against Silence aims to encourage people to reach out, speak up and make some noise. "

Movember CEO, Michelle Terry, said the campaign flipped the idea of a minute's silence on its head. “A minute’s silence is commonly used to show our respect and observe a loss or tragedy, however when it comes to mental wellbeing silence is the last thing we need. A Moment Against Silence aims to encourage people to reach out, speak up and make some noise.

“In England, one in four people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year. Talking about how you’re feeling is often seen as too hard to do – and at first it may not be easy. We need to remind everyone that staying silent isn’t the answer.”

Michelle said she hoped this would be an ongoing initiative.

“We want to encourage people to create their own Moments Against Silence, even if it’s as simple as sending a text to a mate.

“Together let’s prevent the next minute of silence by having a Moment Against Silence.”

The Rugby League World Cup 2021 is the first global sporting tournament to put mental fitness at the heart of everything. Partnered with Movember and Rugby League Cares, the tournament pledged that by the final whistle of the final game, they will have:

  • Educated every player, team official, match official, teammate and volunteer to look after their own and others’ mental fitness
  • Supported tournament players to take their experiences home and develop mental fitness awareness within their own Rugby League communities.
  • Delivered mental fitness workshops to 8000 young Rugby League players and their families
  • Trained grassroots coaches to continue delivering mental fitness workshops and leave a sustainable tournament legacy
  • Delivered a mental fitness campaign delivering key messages that reaches local communities and millions of people worldwide

The dedicated Movember Mental Fitness Matchday on the 5th November, a double header between England Women and Canada Women and England Men and (either Papua New Guinea Men or France Men, is a celebration of that achievement.