A photo of a Mo Sister and three Mo Bros sitting together in a living room.
Power of the MoImage by: Movember
A photo of a Mo Sister and three Mo Bros sitting together in a living room.
19 September 2022

10 men's health projects your donations have funded in 2022

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Mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer – we’re taking them all on.

Since 2003, with money raised by the Movember community, we've funded more than 1,250 men’s health projects.

From game-changing mental health initiatives that straight-up save lives to global breakthroughs in cancer research and treatment – this is where the money goes.

1. Better conversations

Men sometimes aren’t comfortable reaching out about challenges they’re facing. Our new digital tool gives you the confidence to have better conversations with the men in your life who may be struggling. Try it here

2. Supporting better social connections

Using the money raised by our epic community, we’ve been able to fund 11 new mental health initiatives including Gamers vs Depression, a project that uses online gaming to teach gamers about mental health and how to improve their social connections. Read more here

3. Supporting men to be better dads

Movember’s Family Man is the world’s first parenting program designed with dads in mind. It helps men tackle the kicking, screaming and WTF moments of being a dad. Try it here

4. Tackling testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is a lot to deal with. We recruited a team of guides from all over the world – guys who have had testicular cancer before – and given them training on how to listen, be supportive and have your back. Check out Nuts & Bolts

5. More online mental health support

We’ve teamed up with digital mental health community platform Togetherall, to create male-friendly resources and encourage more men around the world to access free online mental health support 24/7. Find out more

6. Fostering global collaboration

Movember is bringing together researchers from around the world to work out the best way of treating men with high-risk aggressive prostate cancer to help them live longer. Read more here

7. Speeding up clinical trials

New prostate cancer treatments could reach men sooner, thanks to a Movember-supported project that aims to speed up clinical trials by two years. Find out more

8. Delivering mental fitness training for young athletes

Our flagship mental fitness programme Ahead of The Game has made a positive impact on the wellbeing of thousands of people across England. Of almost 4,000 young athletes who have taken part in the programme, 92% felt more confident in recognising the signs of mental health conditions in themselves and others. Check it out here

9. Better training for therapists

Half of men who die by suicide have been in contact with mental health services before their death. Our experts are developing and trialing an online training course called Men In Mind for therapists to ensure all men and boys who reach out for mental health support get the best possible treatment. Read more here

10. Funding a new prostate cancer drug

At Movember, we love supporting game-changing research. So, we were stoked to hear that a new radioactive medicine supported by Movember has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for some men with advanced prostate cancer. Find out more

The Movember community has had a huge impact on men's health and we’re hell-bent on making it bigger. Your ongoing support helps us change and save lives. Sign up or donate today.