Move your Mo this Movember

Being active is one of the best things you can do for your health, it can improve your general well-being and mental wellness.

Why You Mo

If someone was to ask you why do you Mo…. what would you say?

Jack's Hairy Tale

Whatever your reason for taking part, you too could look good doing good. Hear more about Jack's story and learn more how this majestic photo came about.

What you need to know before you Mo

Anything worth doing is worth doing right, so we're giving you the tools to ensure you start off on the right foot. 

Football's Ultimate Final

PlayStation are offering the chance for one lucky Mo (plus guest) to attend the UEFA Champions League Final. See more here.

Sign up and shave down

We get it. We understand the love of facial hair more than most; how it becomes an identity, an extension of your soul, a safe place. Giving it up is unthinkable – it’s not worth it. But… what if it was?

Grow Your Mo Team

Don’t grow alone this Movember! Here are a few tips to encourage people to join your team.

Style Guide: Make your choice

It's time to make a tough choice. The moustache maketh the man, so, what kind of man will you be this Movember?

The Rules: play by them

Anything worth doing is worth doing right, so make sure you read the official Movember Rules.

The Man Who Didn't Register

Don't be that guy. Listen to Samuel L. Jackson and sign up for Movember!

From 30 men to 4,000,000 Mo’s - the Movember story

Two men walk into a bar and a global men’s health movement is born. Here’s the story of how Movember was made.

What is Movember

Not quite sure what Movember is? Our community can tell you.

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