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My Motivation

To raise awareness of Movember, and to show that women with polycystic ovarian syndrome and facial hair should not be ashamed! Although I am fair haired, I will be growing out my female facial hair to stand with the men for this fantastic cause, and show the world who I am! Thank you for your kind donations, and the love you have shown! If you donate, please let me know where you're from! Much love xxxxx

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Help Sorcha promote men's health

Sorcha Ní Néill 37 Week(s) Ago

That's the facial hair gone now... once again, THANK YOU! :D xxx

Sorcha Ní Néill 37 Week(s) Ago

martin etter donated £20.00 37 Week(s) Ago

i am also growing a moustache but you are being really brave and I REALLY admire you for doing it following a serious RTA i now dont have enough male hormone so I have even more sympathy I wish you and your fabuloussly supportive partner good luck and a great Chtistmas kind regards Martin Etter

Janet Parr donated £10.00 37 Week(s) Ago

Well done!

Sorcha Ní Néill 37 Week(s) Ago

Also, a massive thank you to Jo Bates for her big effort in sharing and promoting my cause! And to Emma Wright from the Hull Daily Mail for getting the ball rolling and putting my story out there- thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! And Rachel from Guzelian (and Gabriel!) Thank you for spreading the story worldwide. Thank you! xxx

Helen Finch donated £5.00 37 Week(s) Ago

Hats off to you and hairy women everywhere

Sorcha Ní Néill 37 Week(s) Ago

Final photoshoot for the Hull Daily Mail done today. What a month it has been. I know how hard it is to raise money, and there are other worthy causes (my own Christmas money is going to the DEC for the Philippines typhoon) but I just want to thank everyone who has donated. Every single penny has been hard earned by you all and you so selflessly gave to my campaign. I am beyond grateful for the kindness, generosity and positivity everyone has shown. You have donated money to a wonderful cause- men will be helped through cancer and mental health support because of you. Your messages from all over the world have moved me to tears and I am so glad to be representing my fellow PCOS sufferers, and showing that it's ok to be us while your donations make a difference in this world. I am proud of me, proud of my friends and family and proud of my employer Wren Kitchens, who have spread the word and whose staff have donated. I am proud of the strangers who have found comfort in my campaign. I am proud of my wife to be, Tina, for her hours of media relations, promotion and tireless presentations to colleagues and strangers alike to gain support. It would not be the campaign it is if it wasn't for Tina. So thank you all once again, from the bottom of my heart. You are all angels! :) PS: hit the share button one last time, you can donate right up until the 8th December. I love you all! Xxxxxxxxxxxx

Dawn Norman donated £10.00 37 Week(s) Ago

Well done from a fellow Poly cystic syndrome sufferer in Australia. An amazing effort and brave stand. Well done :-)

Verity Threlfell donated £10.00 37 Week(s) Ago

Such a great and brave idea - glad to see you've had support from work etc

Hollie Willis donated £3.00 37 Week(s) Ago

You are such an inspiration. Be proud of yourself, you have earned yourself so much respect from so many people. If only everyone could be as brave and comfortable in their own skin as you. Not only are you helping many men with cancer, you are also helping those with mental health issues which is very close to my heart. People tend to forget about men with depression and anxiety so this is a very worthy cause. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

Sorcha Ní Néill 37 Week(s) Ago

Woowoooowwww! Thank you all so much! Xxx

Andrew Fox donated £20.00 37 Week(s) Ago

Inspirational stuff - you rock.

Ruby Avards donated £20.00 37 Week(s) Ago

Suffering from this myself I think you are amazing!! I would never have been brave enough to do this in a million years so I am galdly giving my donation to you.

Julia Wells donated £5.00 37 Week(s) Ago

What a lovely idea, what you're doing is fantastic, I hope many more will donate x

Fiona McLean donated £5.00 37 Week(s) Ago

I think you're fantastic for doing this and raising awareness for PCOS and male cancers. It's also very brave of you to put this out in the national media. I truly hope you don't get 'trolled' because of it. Stay strong and remember the people who love you, will love you through thick and thin x

Anonymous donated £5.00 38 Week(s) Ago

Really amazing to see your bravery in publicly supporting two great causes. Remember to be true to yourself when you decide whether or not to keep it.

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