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Never a truer word was spoken, when it was said that behind every great man, stands a great woman. Whilst a Mo Bro may grow, it is the Mo Sista that is often the driving force, first planting the seed (of an idea) and then carefully working away behind the scenes of fine moustachery for the 30 days of Movember.
A Mo Sista is essentially a woman who loves a Mo. An individual that is dedicated to supporting the Mo Bros in her life through their moustache growing journey; whether it be a friend, colleague, family member, partner or boyfriend. These inspirational women are committed to raising awareness of men's health issues and much needed funds for men's health along the way.
At Movember we acknowledge the Mo Sistahood and celebrate their role as purveyors of fine moustaches.

"Movember is one of my favourite times of the year because I love to see all the Mo Bros in my life rocking a killer 70's Mo. A lot of guys feel nervous about growing a moustache for an entire month, so I see it my as job as a Mo Sista to tell them how good they look! Movember is also a great reminder to talk about men's health with our loved ones, I know I'll be talking to my Dad about our family's health history and encouraging him to have a check-up."

- Stephanie Gilmore
World Champion Surfer

To be a Mo Sista is to be an agent for change. It's not an exaggeration to say that without Mo Sistas, Movember would never have achieved the success it has to date.

For many Mo Bros, the thought of growing a moustache can be a daunting one. They may be concerned about how they will look with their newly acquired facial friend, nervous as to whether they are capable of growing a Mo or apprehensive about the commitment it takes to grow a Mo for the full 30 days of Movember. Mo Sistas play a vital role in helping a Mo Bro on his journey, not least by being supportive of their courageous commitment.  A kind word of encouragement, a wink or a smile of recognition can go a long way to helping a Mo Bro as he navigates the month of Movember – this may be particularly true in the first few weeks when growth can, for some, be a little bit slow.

Mo Sistas also have an important role in helping men to break down barriers and talk about their health. Women are traditionally more comfortable when it comes to talking about these matters, so can be great facilitators in supporting the Mo Bros in their life to share their personal journeys with each other, or a healthcare professional. Getting men to better understand the risks they face is key for Movember and Mo Sistas are a great way to help get health messages to Mo Bros. United we Mo.

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So, if this sounds like something you want to do, sign up now to become a Mo Sista:


A Mo Sista can show support in a number of ways, from simply donating to the Mo Bro in their life, through to starting a team of moustache merchants. Here are a few ideas to get things started:
  • Sign up as a Mo Sista and start or join a team
  • Recruit team members through the workplace or through an existing network of family and friends
  • Raise funds for your team through social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter), email or for the Mo on the Go - the Movember app for smart phones
  • Buy a Gala ticket and join other Mo Bros and Mo Sistas at one of our legendary Movember Gala Partés
  • Register and organise your own Mo Party in your workplace or community
  • Smile at a Mo Bro and compliment his Mo. It helps them grow. FACT
  • Dust off those sneakers and prepare to get hot and sweaty at your local Running of the Mo's event

  "Women, we need our men. So raising awareness about men's health is a great way to show them we care about them and we want them around for years to come!"

- Rachel Novak

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Joanne Welton PhD

Jo has been a big supporter of Movember for a number of seasons. Known to sport the odd Mo herself (not real, don't worry), Jo provides great support to her Mo Bro husband Sean during his 30 days of Movember whilst being hugely passionate about all things moustache related. But Jo is not only a committed member of the Movember Community. Dr Joanne Welton PhD is also a Movember funded research associate at Cardiff University working on Movember's Global Action Plan project (GAP 1). GAP 1 is looking at Biomarkers and Jo, working alongside Dr Aled Clayton, is specifically seeking to develop tests which will accurately detect aggressive and non-aggressive prostate cancers, disease progression and treatment resistance.
When she's not in the lab, Jo is always on the look out for moustache related items. She has a large and growing collection and can often be spotted around the university sporting a pair of Mo earrings and spreading the word of the Mo.
It's great for Movember that we can fund young researchers in the field and even better when they are passionate Mo Sistas already!
Jo will be supporting her husband again this growing season whilst sporting the odd Mo herself and doing lots of awareness and fund raising along the way. And of course when she's not doing that she will be significantly contributing to creating better outcomes for Men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.
That's what makes Jo a true Mo Sista and inspiration to all those that