Prostate cancer survivors will be able to get their PSA test results online

Under the TrueNTH self-supported management scheme, men will be able to take control of their own care which frees up vital NHS time as a result.

Movember proud to support new Heads Up campaign

Heads Together and The FA announce new campaign - Heads Up - to generate the biggest ever conversation around mental health.

This April, #KnowThyNuts for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Two thirds of British men aged 18-34 don’t know their testicular cancer risk

UK prostate cancer patients left to struggle with poor sexual function

More than four in five British men struggle with sexual problems following treatment for prostate cancer yet over half (56%) fail to receive any medical help, according to new research funded by the Movember Foundation.

The gift of time: stop men dying too young

Fathers, brothers, sons and friends are dying, on average, 6 years younger than women. Help us give the gift of time.

Men's Health Survey

New research reveals the lack of friendships damaging men’s health

TrueNTH Testicular Cancer

We took the road less travelled to create something new for men going through a testicular cancer journey. See how and why.

Immunotherapy drug for skin disease could boost hormone treatment for prostate cancer

Research published in the prestigious journal 'Nature', has found a new form of immunotherapy that reactivates the response to hormone therapy in advanced prostate cancer.

Gillette survey reveals men ignore health risks

As reported over the weekend in The Independent, The Sun and The Mirror, Gillette commissioned a survey to mark their partnership with the Movember Foundation and to raise awareness of Men's Health Week which ran from 11th June up until Father's Day on 17th June.

Benny No Balls

Ben tells us the importance of going to the doctor when you suspect something feels weird downstairs.

Because men are willing to talk, if you ask

It’s not always easy to know how a man is really doing. Partly because it’s often easier to say ‘yeah, good thanks’ than it is to really open up, especially when you’re finding the going tough. This can also, in part, be because a lot of guys adhere to prevailing notions of masculinity where a real man get on with things, doesn’t reveal weakness and is self-sufficient in fixing problems himself. 

Unmute - ask him

It’s not always easy to know how a man is really doing, which is why the Movember Foundation is encouraging the people around men to take themselves off mute and ask a man if he’s doing okay.