Get Moving With Your Premiership Rugby Team

Author: Movember
The Movember Foundation is helping men make life-changing improvements to their physical and mental health through the Move Like A Pro (MLAP) programme, in partnership with Premiership Rugby. Aimed at men aged between 30 and 55, MLAP offers help for men who want to get fit with their local Premiership Rugby club. Through physical training and education, MLAP helps you achieve better levels of physical activity, diet, social connectedness and mental wellbeing.
We have heard some amazing stories come out of the 12-week programme, designed by Premiership Rugby’s professional rugby coaches especially for people who aren’t currently particularly active.
Saracens fan Denis Collen, 51, explains how Move Like A Pro turned his life around;
“I’ve lost 4.5kg and two inches off my waist so far, but a lot of the success I’ve noticed stems from an overall improvement in my health and fitness levels. Things like doing extra steps, reducing your salt intake, increasing a bit of water all adds up. Move Like A Pro spurs you on to keep doing that stuff even when you’re there on a rainy day. I had diabetes two years ago and a heart problem four years before that, so it really gives you that kick to get healthier.”
It’s not just Denis’ physical health which has benefitted. The camaraderie and banter from the group of guys has helped build new friendships amongst the team, and boost their social connectedness.
“You notice changes like being less stressed, more pleasant and that’s where you get your benefits. You come on a journey both with yourself and with everyone involved with Move Like A Pro, and everyone gets those experiences which are vital to keep up that team spirit.”
In just 12 weeks, Denis has begun to undo six years of ill-health, all thanks to Move Like A Pro. Sign-up here, and share with your mates and relatives, who you think might benefit from moving like a pro.

Move Like A Pro is a tailored 12 week course at Premiership Rugby clubs, getting fans and active and better informed on their health. The course consists of:
Weekly rugby themed fitness sessions for all levels
Healthy eating workshops
Non-contact rugby games and tournaments
Health awareness sessions
The whole course has a social and accessible format for ordinary guys, raising awareness of Movember's key strategic areas including cancer awareness, mental health and social connectivity.