15 Mo Fundraising Tips

It's almost the end of the month, and if you're still struggling to get off the mark or you're stuck in a rut, here are some quick and simple tips to help you stoke the fire of fundraising.

Community Highlights #4

The best of the best have made the most of their Movember and have come up with some seriously inspiring ways to have fun, raise funds and spread the hairy word.  

Partners Spotlight #4

Our friends flying the Movember flag have some amazing stories to tell, some cool competitions, prizes and merchandise to help you celebrate the end of the hairiest 30 days of your life.

MOVE of the week 5

This week's MOVE is a 20 minute circuit you can do anywhere, with Aussie fitness guru, Dani Stevens. 

Highlights of Movember 2015: The good times and the serious stuff

The highlights of Movember 2015

Win a Customised Marshall Amp

Hendrix, Clapton, Slash, Josh Klinghoffer – all guitar gods, all Marshall users. But they didn’t use a Marshall amp as exclusive as the one we’re giving you the chance to win with #MoChanges. 

Run a Mo Marathon

Limited number of Marathon places for the Mo Community up for grabs!

Mo Community #3

It's week three and our hairy followers are still Mo-ing strong!

London Rugby Double Header

Grab your tickets for the double-header at the home of English rugby and £5 goes back to Movember!  

Partners Spotlight #3

Our official partners are here to make your hairy journey as smooth as possible. Find out what's on the table.


Feeling a little sore and in need of switching things up? This week's MOVE is a 20 minute Yoga sequence from our friends at Wanderlust that'll get your blood pumping and give you a great muscle stretch. 

Mo Mentor Burt Reynolds

Q&A with Burt Reynolds — Mo Mentor, moustache icon, and celebrated actor (and author!)