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Target: £26,000
Our Motivation

This is the page for all Heriot-Watt University Movember accounts to keep track of our grand total!

Last year we successfully fundraised over £15,000 which was our set target for the month, and did it style with multiple events, movements, and moustaches. This year we are striving to deliver another fantastic Heriot-Watt University Movember campaign! But in order for that to happen we need your support, creativity and generosity to champion men’s health.

Raising funds and spreading awareness across multiple platforms, together at Heriot-Watt, we are changing the face of men's health and stopping men dying too young. A home hitting story reminds us we are not invincible and should speak up, look out and after ourselves!

With 75% of suicides in the U.K being male, Testicular Cancer the most common cancer in young males and approximately 9.9m men living with Prostate Cancer in the U.K. it is time that we band together and take action!!

Your Mo, Will Save a Bro

Everyone at Heriot - Watt University x





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