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Jimmy Ladgrove Hosting an event for Movember


Jimmy has raised £721 since 2018.

My motivation

Fundraising for cause areas including:
Mental health and suicide prevention

I started growing my beard in Australia 5 years ago and together we've been through the highs and lows that come with life. Beards are known to be a mans most personal possession & I'm proud of the dedication, patience and perseverance it has taken me grow such a magnificent one. I knew I'd shave for a mens charity from the moment I decided to grow a beard. Having gone through the grief that comes with losing a friend through suicide, I am doing my bit to promote mental health and wellbeing & help reduce the stigma surrounded by it. I'm brave enough to admit that I've held things in when going through hard times, I've also hidden behind a face full of hair. I have suffered with anxiety & at times rather than opening up to my mates, I would open a bottle instead. Although it would be great to raise £5,000 in the month of November I hope to achieve it by February 2019, Where I’ll be spreading the word and raising funds while working in Australia. Thank you for your support and beard love

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