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My Motivation

is to raise money so more can be done to tackle prostate cancer.

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Nicholas Fitzgerald donated £25.00 38 Week(s) Ago

Well Done James - Great cause!
Is it now safe for Cath to return?
Regards Nick Fitz

Andrew Betton donated £20.00 38 Week(s) Ago

Delighted (for Cath) that 'it' has now disappeared again - but well done

Joanna Burkitt donated £5.00 38 Week(s) Ago

Good on you for growing a movember

Jeremy Brevitt donated £20.00 38 Week(s) Ago

Is it safe to look yet?

Adam Boulton donated £100.00 38 Week(s) Ago

Worth donating now it's gone.

Jean-Christophe Gray donated £30.00 38 Week(s) Ago

Terrific work. Top cause.

Charles Milne donated £20.00 38 Week(s) Ago

Catherine Kirby donated £20.00 38 Week(s) Ago

James - finally on the last day of the month. Fantastic amount raised, well done. Sorry can't do Gift Aid.
The Kirbys

LIZ LANDALE donated £50.00 39 Week(s) Ago

Looking forward to December 1st!

James Weaver donated £50.00 39 Week(s) Ago

Micheldever Massif Moustache

Charles Lewington donated £100.00 39 Week(s) Ago

In memory of a very good man Din Clellan Jones who died this week

Lucy Stanford donated £30.00 39 Week(s) Ago

Only a few days left - that has to be a good thing?!

Jonathan Pugh donated £20.00 39 Week(s) Ago

Only reason I watch the news !

Emma Haynes donated £20.00 39 Week(s) Ago

Mark Thomas donated £10.00 39 Week(s) Ago

It's a beautiful thing! Please keep for all time.

Ben Williams-Thomas donated £20.00 39 Week(s) Ago

Its been a very long time! Congratulations and very distinguished you look too. A second career in silent movies surely beckons..

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