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Gen Mo Events

Movember is all about getting guys to grow Mo’s and to use that furry billboard as a way to start conversations about men’s health. What better way to promote your involvement, or to get others to join in the hairy fun, than to host an event during Movember?  From Mo raffles to Mo rides and everything in between – if you’re growing a Mo in Movember why not hold an event to celebrate it?
You can register your event and order a Movember Party Pack by clicking here.
Below are some ideas to help get you started on this hairy journey.


A sign up event is a great way to get everyone within your workplace or community together to enlist for Movember and commit to growing a Mo. It will also provide you with an opportunity to outline your plans for the upcoming hairy month and also highlight the men’s health partners that Movember supports. The last couple of weeks in October are perfect timing for a drive to get people on board.


Why not start Movember 2013 with a launch party on November 1. This type of event can be used as an opportunity to kick start your fundraising efforts or as an opportunity to twist the arm of anyone that hasn’t already pledged to grow a Mo. Register your event and order a Mo Party Pack to make sure you’ve got the latest Movember posters and other Mo items required to hold a successful Movember event.


Mark the end of Movember by holding a Mo Party and we’ll send you a free Party Pack with all you need to get started. It can be as simple as a BBQ or Friday night drinks and can be held at your work, local bar or sports group. A Mo Party is a great way to increase your fundraising and raise more awareness for men's health, and is of course a great opportunity to showcase your Mo in the best possible light.


Whether it’s a golf day, a raffle, a fundraising dinner or something altogether out there, the best Movember events are always fun, engaging and all about the Mo. We’ve heard of surf contests, fashion parades, battle of bands and just about everything else. Wild nights and hairy days.

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